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Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket AR Helps Chinese Shoppers Better Understand Foreign Brands (And Where To Find Them)

Coolhobo adds augmented reality to grocery retail, with product information, in-store navigation and access to likeminded shopping communities

Packaging & Product Engagement App Lets Shoppers Scan Package-Free Products To Learn More About Them

The prototype from sustainable beauty brand Lush is being tested at a brick-and-mortar store in Milan where none of the products come in packaging

Design IBM Launches Augmented Reality Shopping App

Research scientists from the company have created a prototype that enables shoppers to scan products and see allergen info, recommendations, discounts, and more.

Advertising Infographic Packaging Shares Nutritional Breakdown With Images

inFusion's tea packaging is colorful and expressive while also communicating to their customers the contents of their product.

Retail iPhone App Concept Scans Food Tags To Provide Product Information [Video]

Taggie is designed to educate children about where supermarket foods come from and how they are grown.

Technology Walmart's Updated iPhone App Lets You Speak, Type & Scan To Add Items To Your Shopping List

Other smart new features include QR code scanning, manufacturer's coupons, and a store item finder.

Advertising Additional Product Information By Way Of Personalized Video

U.S. outdoor retailer, L.L. Bean, is testing a system that uses RFID technology to deliver enhanced in-store product information.

Innovation Future Of Retail: In-Stories

The use of mobile technologies like mobile tags within the retail environment help bring to life brand and product stories.