Product Launch

Advertising IKEA Is Dropping Furniture Collections Like It's Nike

Homeware co seems to be taking a sneaker-company approach to its sales and marketing by testing hip limited editions in the market

Cafe & Restaurant Bose Unveiled A Pair Of Connected Augmented Reality Glasses At SXSW

The audio company debuted a model that could revolutionize mobile AR experiences, adding audible layers of information and experiences to daily life.

Technology Panasonic's AR Glasses Help Workers Increase Productivity

The tech company markets its Google Glass-inspired wearable device toward enhancing workplace training using augmented reality

Home GE Appliances Created A Touchscreen Hub For Home Kitchens

The multifunctional unit provides users with the ability to video chat and watch tutorials while cooking

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Small Chip Makes It Easier For People To Spend Bitcoin In The Real World

With the Flip chip, shoppers can quickly exchange Bitcoin for U.S. dollars and store them in their digital wallet to use at physical retail stores

Design New Post-It Notes Are Designed To Handle Extreme Conditions

The new product from 3M, aimed at work environments like restaurants and construction, has proved able to weather even the winds and rains of a hurricane

Automotive Land Rover Designed A Phone For Adventures In The Great Outdoors

The auto maker's unusual new product launch is mean to demonstrate the brand's rugged design aesthetic

Consumer Goods This Stereo Surfs Radio Waves Using Water

Pour Reception changes how people interact with everyday objects with its new product activated by glasses of liquid

Delivery & Logistics This Kit Can Help A Novice Make The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

Dripkit is designed to help coffee lovers make a perfect pour-over wherever they are

Food & Beverage McDonalds Has Debuted The McVegan In Finland

The fast food chain is testing out the appeal and branding of meatless products

Retail Everlane Is Opening Its First Physical Store In San Francisco

After years of working the online clothing market, Everlane wants to create a real retail store in San Francisco

Fashion & Apparel Fully Modular Sunglasses Change To Match Your Outfits

The Nogs can be reconfigured as easily as you would change an outfit with fully customizable frames and lenses

Health Pillow Gently Wakes Sleepers Up With Natural Light

The Sunrise Pillow aims to improve the health of sleepers by waking them up gently with light rather than sound

Advertising Buzzfeed Puts Out A Cookbook That Is Totally Customizable

The online media company has crafted a print cookbook that includes only the kinds of recipes that you most want to cook