product packaging

Design Dual Purpose Designs Baking Sustainability Into Product Packaging

Transformative designs are bringing cost-saving, sustainable solutions to the world of packaging.

Advertising PSFK’s Trending Topic: Dual Function Packaging That Warrants A Double Take [Pics]

Brands are getting more creative in packaging their products to get more attention.

Luxury Concept Packaging Rebrands Printer Ink As Chanel Perfume [Pics]

Design student Celeste Watson redesigned Hewlett Packard's packaging to emphasize how pricey cartridges can be.

Advertising Wendy’s Unveils New, Minimalist Branding

The refreshed look features an updated logo, which will appear on advertising, product packaging, uniforms, and signage.

Retail How To Reimagine Product Packaging

Matthew Waldman of fashion-brand Nooka has been developing a fun but sustainable approach to packaging. One of a series of interviews brought to you by the Heineken Ideas Brewery.

Home Stroller Packaging Can Be Made Into A Chair & Lampshade

The cardboard box from Joolz has printed directions on how to turn it into useful items.

Design Augmented Reality Product Packaging: 5 Best-In-Class Examples

Brand marketers are bringing a spin to their packaging with a hidden level of graphics that can only be viewed through a phone’s camera.

Technology Packaging & Procedures For Online Purchases Designed To Enhance The Unboxing Experience

Retailers such as Crate & Barrel, Anthropologie and Neiman Marcus boost their brands by thinking inside the box.

Advertising The 2011 Hangar One Vodka Blimp Tour [Pics]

To celebrate the vodka purveyor's blimp tour across America, a website, documentaries and a box of goodies was designed.

Home Coca-Cola Celebrates Spainish Heritage With Custom Packaging [Pics]

A beautiful, illustrated and localized example of product packaging serving as a desirable (and collectable) piece of marketing.

Technology Smirnoff's 'Peelable' Caipiroska Bottles

Compelling, unique design can make the product itself a differentiated, branded marketing vehicle.

Advertising Bringing Simplicity To Product Packaging

A creative experiment to see if a minimalist design on leading brands is as appealing as their current variations.

Design Kleenex Blurs The Line Between Package and Product

Design represents a business opportunity, and imperative, when the package is inextricable from the product.