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Advertising NYRIW Preview: Creative Agency On Helping Brands Sony, Hershey's, CVS, J&J And More Create Media That Captures Consumer Attention

Ahead of speaking at the Retail Tech Strategies for 2019 panel at NYRIW, UM Worldwide EVP and global chief innovation officer, Chad Stoller, shares insights on how DTC brands have cornered the market on consumers' attention by capturing it at its source—on social media—and how other brands can take a page from their book to compete in a digitally and socially driven landscape

Analysis Interview: Neighborhood Goods Is Building A Different Kind Of Department Store For Millennials

Prioritizing community and storytelling over markdowns and sales per square foot, Neighborhood Goods has set out to disrupt retail in Plano, Texas

Food & Beverage Why Coca-Cola Sponsored A Digital-Only Soccer Player

This new deal may open new opportunities for advertisers

Entertainment PSFK 2017: How Morgan Spurlock Tells Stories With Just The Right Amount Of Crazy

The renowned filmmaker shares the origin stories of his documentaries and a recipe for innovative content that makes a difference

Podcast PurpleList Podcast Episode 8: How Morgan Spurlock Tells Stories With Just The Right Amount Of Crazy

At PSFK 2017, Morgan Spurlock describes the road to produce what turned out to be the most sponsored movie ever

Innovation 5 Great Marketing Storytellers Speaking At PSFK 2017

These marketing experts are redefining how brands tell their stories

Interview PSFK 2017 Speaker Interview: How Morgan Spurlock Turned The Ad World Upside Down

Morgan Spurlock wants branded content to serve a greater creative goal, and is bringing his expertise to the PSFK 2017 stage on May 19

Design Kickstarter Project Asks Marketers To Turn Funding Into Brand Placement [Pics]

Keiichi Matsuda is making a film series on the “city of the future.” His Kickstarter invites brands to place their logos in the upcoming film.

Gaming & Play Tiny Radio-Controlled MINIs Retrive Olympic Javelins From Field

One quarter sized MINI Coopers are helping out at the London Games in a creative marketing move by BMW.

Luxury Buy Designer Clothes Straight From A Music Video

Viewers get to listen to a new track while shopping for their favorite look.

Advertising Budweiser To Revive Brand With Reality TV Show

Beer brewer hopes to increase sales with new television show airing January next year.

Advertising China Brands In Hollywood Placement Push [Headlines]

Campaign to feature products in Transformers film highlights Chinese companies’ determination to raise their global and domestic profiles.

Gaming & Play Video Game Product Placement: The Next Big Step In Advertising

Modern technology is being utilized to ensure the target market is surrounded by in-game advertisements.

Advertising The Dodge Charger's Winning Product Placement In 'Fast Five'

The company's successful product placement and marketing tie-ins should convert to a rise in sales.