Innovation Online Community Helps The Air Force Solve Real-World Challenges

The Air Force Collaboratory is an online platform that lets people create a profile and help out with technological problems.

Advertising 14 Stories You Need To Know Today

Twitter has a new profile, burger joints are branding buns for bigger profits, and the McRib debut has been delayed until December...Links to start your day with.

Technology Pinterest Is Rolling Out A Profile Redesign [Headlines]

The popular social networking site known for its striking look will soon be getting an makeover to create room to display your influences as well as interests.

Facebook Gives Users Right To Say No To Photo Tagging [Headlines]

Facebook is launching it's new feature to give you more privacy---the right to reject or accept a photo tag before it goes live.

Design Onesheet: A Simple Way To Promote Your Band

A new platform allows artists to promote their identities online by helping them to create visually striking webpages.

Technology Facebook Announces Lots Of Improvements In Its Latest Update

These include minor changes to your profile and sharing options like inline profile controls, tag reviews, and post locations.

Advertising Facebook Makes You "Like" Yourself Better

A new study by researchers at Cornell University shows that editing your Facebook profile can boost your self-esteem.

Work Facebook's Latest Redesign: Breaking The Ice Online

The social hub of the Internet gets a redesign that highlights images and shared interests to provide even greater networking potential.