Advertising Tesco Turns Blogger Recipes Into In-Store Grocery Lists

Supermarket giant partners up with food intelligence firm to create a futuristic way to shop online.

Design Visually Impaired Elderly Man Creates Masterpieces With MS Paint [Video]

Hal Lasko creates intricate artworks using the basic drawing program.

Technology Start-Up Incubator For Inmates Aims To Train Them For Employment

The Last Mile is an entrepreneurship program at San Quentin State Prison that provides info and practical experiences to prisoners.

Retail Shopping Bot Buys Its Owner Random Gifts From Amazon

Program uses algorithms to surprise its user with various books, CDs, and DVDs.

Technology App Automatically Sharpens Blurry Images To Bring Out The Tiniest Details

SmartDeblur corrects and enhances images by eliminating motion and lens murkiness.

Technology Ford Drivers Can Lower Their Auto Insurance Using Their Smartphones

Vehicle manufacturer partners with State Farm to help customer save on their premiums.

Innovation Forget About An MBA: Mentorship Program Has Top Start-up Founders As Teachers

Unconventional education model enlists the help of well-known social and tech gurus.

Advertising SportSense Determines Most Exciting NFL Games Based On Fan Tweets

Engineers came up with a program that monitors game stats and fan reactions by analyzing Twitter updates.

Technology Facetracker Hack Can Make You Look Like Brad Pitt [Video]

This software can project pictures on a face and follow every expression and movement users make in real-time.

Fancy Car Alarm Systems With Remote Accessibility Give Way To Hackers [Headlines]

Hackers can send text messages to your car's anti-theft system, allowing them to unlock doors and start the engine.

Home Name 12 Strangers You'd Spend A Year Working With [Headlines]

Wieden + Kennedy have just ended the application process for their in-house W+K 12 program where a group of 12 creative people work for 9 months under the direction of the advertising agency on client projects. Did you make the cut?

Advertising Will Fast Food Chains Make Kids' Meals Healthier?

The National Restaurant Association challenges chains and restaurants to create healthier meals for children.

Design Louis Vuitton Collaboration With Singapore School Of The Arts

The French Luxury brand spreads its reach with its very first educational venture in the Asia.

Design Philadelphia Implements Green Infrastructure To Curb Pollution [Video]

Philadelphia's 'Green City, Clean Waters' program promotes environmental sustainability through innovative additions to the urban landscape.