Automotive Startup Turns Rideshare Vehicles Into Location-Aware Adverts

Grabb-It's system integrates ads that change based on location into rideshare and delivery vehicles, providing added promotion for brands while helping rideshare drivers earn additional revenue

Consumer Goods How Sony Is Using Media To Transform The Home

The new Life Space UX product line aims to simplify and beautify home environments

Advertising IKEA Celebrates Street Art By Projecting Posters Across Belgium

Twelve unique works from artists like Hua Tunan were commissioned by the company and projected by outdoor advertising company BEAM INC

Technology Happy Binging with Lenovo Tablet’s Built-In Projector

The tech brand beats out Apple, other manufacturers, to bring integrated projector to market

Design Swimming Pool Projects Live Feeds of Top Diving Spots to Create 3D Underwater Experience

The Swimarium 3D is surrounded by LED screens which project real-time imagery of the world’s most beautiful deep-sea destinations

Retail PSFK's Top 5 Stories Of The Week

Urban Outfitters is planning its own village, and we might soon be able to project road signals for safety.

Advertising Skatepark Glows As A Canvas For Lighting Display [Video]

3D projection transforms an unexpected space into an optical illusion.

Innovation Digital Overlay: Why Remote Controls Are Becoming Obsolete [Future Of Entertainment]

In the first week of our ten week series with IQ by Intel, we look at the rise of anywhere interfaces.

Work Creating The Future For The Oblivion Movie

The Creators Project gets a behind-the-scenes look at the making of a big-budget science fiction film.

Wooden Sculptures Act As Screen For Crowd-Controlled Projections [Video]

Animal art was illuminated by mapped visuals during Rotterdam's Museum Night.

Video Performer Makes His Props Come To Life With Real-Time Projection Mapping [Video]

A creative video that shows off Dandypunk's elaborate dance moves that bring the virtual world into the physical one.

Design Artist Creates Talking Trees With 3D-Projected Faces [Video]

Craig Walsh's digital installation brings the history of a park in Australia to life with videos that appear in its foliage.

Technology Artist Projects 3D Animation On A Screen Made Of Water [Video]

Artist Max Hattler creates a spectacular laser light show using a transparent hydro-screen.

Design Projection System Turns Pool Table Into Interactive Video Experience [Video]

The Obscura Digital Cuelight Interactive Pool Table uses high-definition imagery and creates effects like ripples behind the balls as they move around.