projection mapping

Advertising How Brands Are Reimagining Traditional Holiday Motifs With New Values

During the 2017 season, the best brand campaigns made the holiday spirit more relevant to their messaging

Entertainment Augmented Reality Adds Outer Space Scenery To NYC Rock Concert

For the band Starset, adding an AR element to live performance seemed natural for fans who were already holding up their phones

Design Muji Used 37,968 Pens To Make A Holiday Mural

The Japanese retailers gathered up their well known pens to use for bright art display of Tokyo's skyline

Technology Public Library Commissions Projection-Mapped Artwork For Special Series

The Brooklyn Public Library is curating digital art to be displayed on its building's facade

Home Create A 3D Projection Map Of Your Entire Home

The Lightform uses a projector to 3D scope out a room to and display images on top

Gaming & Play Lincoln Center Appeals to Younger Audiences with Projection Towers and Robo-Cameras

Destroying stuffy classical concert traditions will involve the use of 3D animation and projection mapping

Work Projected Holiday Ornaments Make Any Tree Come Alive

This design studio used laser projection lighting as decorations, allowing for a segmented variety of animations

Innovation Giant Humans Catching ZZZZs on NY Facades

Dawn of Man takes projection mapping to its logical conclusion: Projection Napping

Gaming & Play Massive Snoozing Humans Projected onto Buildings

You might be familiar with projection mapping, Dawn of Man give us Projection Napping

Design Projection-Mapping Gets Personal With Facehacking

Real-time facial effects grant actors arsenal of a thousand faces

Technology DJ Machine Creates Mashups At The Push Of A Button [Video]

The MASHine is an interactive installation that allows users to create over 400 audio combinations.

Innovation Tiny Box Creates Projection-Mapping Light Show In The Palm Of The Hand [Video]

When placed under a smartphone, Bandai’s Hako Vision creates a display of Tokyo’s landmarks.

Advertising Pop-Up Greeting Card Uses Phone As A Projector [Video]

Agency Auditoire mixes paper and technology in their video mapping prototype.

Technology Light Projections Transform Tunnel Into A Revolving Wonderland [Pics]

For the annual Festival of Lights in Lyon, France, the Tunnel of La Croix Rousse is being transformed into a rotating set of landscapes.