Home Self-Help Projects Promise Happiness In Just 21 Days

Gretchen Rubin’s 21 Day Projects, which include de-cluttering and getting to know yourself better, aim to help people feel happier.

Design Online Storefront Connects People With 3D Printers

For those who don't have access to the technology, Makexyz connects them with people who own a machine.

Advertising 'Hands-On' Libraries Offer More Than Just Books

These institutions are more like labratories that function as a hub to host creativity and interactive projects.

Technology Benetton Campaign Asks Millennials Are You ‘Unemployee Of The Year'?

The clothing brand's new initiative invites unemployed 18-30 year olds to submit a project, and the 100 with the most votes will each receive €5000.

Advertising Kickstarter Launches Real-Time Stats Page [Headlines]

The online crowd-funding website has rolled-out a new feature which details the metrics behind the $226M raised to date for member projects.

Design adidas Hires Young Female Creatives To Hold Events Around The World

The brand's White Space Project invites young women from around the world to submit innovative ideas to update the retail experience.

Innovation Cardboard Chairs For Kids Are Durable And Sustainable [Pics]

RISD industrial design students created the seats in one week and their designs were then tested by children.

DIY Space For Biohackers Fosters Open Sources Experiments

BioCurious fosters a community of science enthusiasts for collaborative projects.

Luxury Kickstarter: 'An Arts Organization For The Post Gatekeeper Era' [Headlines]

The New York Times' Rob Walker goes in-depth about the evolution of Kickstarter, the popular crowdfunding platform for independent arts projects.

Advertising Cigarette Tax Funds Art In Ohio Counties

American towns are attempting using a social ill to create something positive.

Technology Farming The City: Helping Grow Local Food Movements [Video]

An online resource empowers activists with the tools and information they need to support and initiate local food projects.

Home Can You Reimagine The In-Flight Airline Experience? #TEDActiveFly

TEDActiveFly wants to know how you would improve the in-flight experience.

Advertising Freelancers, Never Get Paid Late Again

The crying invoice builds awareness around the freelancer web portal, ikki by addressing one their biggest concerns: getting paid on time.

Luxury Seth Godin: BACO And Your Career

When you understand the alternative, it's far easier to not only measure your work, but value it.