Children These Origami-Like Blocks Could Make You More Creative

Troxes, from a student at MIT, are meant to encourage abstract, spatial and artistic thinking among the next generation of thinkers

Food & Beverage Pepsi Experiments With New Protein Sources, Such As Mealworm Powder

PepsiCo is looking for a new protein source for its snacks and beverages, though there's no word as to what products will be affected

Retail Fermentation Tech Makes Milk Without Cows

From cow-free dairy to meat-free beef, these startups are changing the way we think about food

Design This $314 Tie Is A Big Step Forward For Biotech

Made from lab-engineered proteins, the fiber is softer then silk and stronger than steel

Fitness & Sport Turn Your Fitness Data Into Customized Nutrition Plans

An advanced wearable system translates your entire exercise routine, weight and food habits into a customized eating plan

Edible Proteins May Cure Human Diseases

Drugs that are extracted from the foods we normally eat might solve our common health problems.

Innovation Taco Bell Rolls Out Protein-Heavy Menu For Gym Enthusiasts

Fast food chain attempts to offer healthier options for its fitness fanatic customers.

Advertising Ford Upcycles Industrial And Biodegradable Waste Into Car Parts

The American automaker takes a big step toward global sustainable development by crafting car parts from pre-used materials.

Technology Samsung Sends Out Your Personalized Love Notes Via Snail Mail

The electronics giant launches a multi-platform Valentine's Day campaign where participants can win a Galaxy tablet.

Gaming & Play Gamers Assist In Cracking The AIDS Puzzle [Future Of Gaming] is a web-based platform for collaborating on scientific research that allows gamers to compete against one another to design new proteins.

Advertising Epicurean Explorers Bring Edible Insects Into The Mainstream

A UK-based online store serves up edible insects and arachnids with a modern twist.