Design Desktop Sculpture Brings Tactility To Online Security

THERO is a concept device made to give online encryption a physical presence

Entertainment Sony's Touchscreen Turns Surfaces Into Interactive Displays

Sony brought two projectors to SXSW that showcased the future of digital interactivity

Technology This Robot Could Be Your Future Intern

The device seeks to automate mundane tasks using an algorithmic shortcut so designers and clients can collaborate in real time

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Successful Field Test Says The Hyperloop Is Coming

Elon Musk's vision of ultrafast land transport is taking big strides forward

Advertising 10 Digital Tools Democratizing Making

Best-in-class resources helping the maker of today journey from ideation to sale

Innovation Custom Circuit Board Printing Enables Rapid Prototyping

Canadian engineers aim to drastically shorten hardware development time

Work Stratasys Collaborates with Leading Designers to Add Beauty to Functional 3D Printing

Multifaceted, multi-material 3D printing is happening today, as unveiled at the ACADIA conference

Gaming & Play Bodily Controllers Allow For Hands-Free Video Gaming [Video]

Instead of controlling video games with your hands, let your butt and tongue do all the work.

Design Wind-Responsive Tent Shields Campers From The Elements [Pics]

The Windroos tent is a prototype that turns with each gust to protect users from bad weather.

Innovation Computer Prototype Is Powered By Electronic Blood

IBM has unveiled a brain-inspired system that is fueled and cooled by a unique liquid.

Technology Toolkit Transforms Whiteboard Sketches Into Functioning Apps [Video]

An app that digitizes preliminary sketches into manipulatable prototypes.

Design Samsung's Easy-To-Assemble Origami Printer

The Origami printer is a prototype that simplifies the manufacturing process and makes the device more environmentally friendly to dispose of.

Innovation Fat-Burning Breathalyzer Detects Whether Exercise Is Actually Working

A prototype breathalyzer developed by NTT DoCoMo monitors levels of acetone and lets the user know whether their body is burning lipids.

Design Hyundai Unveils Flying Car Concept

The prototype, created by engineers at the company's R&D center in Korea, was demonstrated at an internal contest called the IDEA Festival.