Analysis Interview: How Rally Rd. Is Reinventing Car Investment For A Sharing Economy

The auto investment platform's co-founder Rob Petrozzo speaks to PSFK about investment equity where it concerns classic cars and other high-ticket items, as well as why the future car experience will be about sharing, not owning

Fashion & Apparel Track The Origin Of Your Clothing With DNA Tagging

In efforts to help consumers be more ethical, American cotton grower PimaCott wants people to know exactly where their clothes are coming from

Advertising Small Businesses To Sell Their Products In Target Pop-Up Shops

A new initiative sees the discount chain offering goods from mom-and-pops at specialized counters in their stores.

Advertising LeLabo: The Art Of Exclusivity [Headlines]

An interview with Fabrice Penot, co-founder of LE LABO.

Retail Site Visit: A Vida Portuguesa Store, Lisbon

On a hidden back street of Lisbon, the store A Vida Portuguesa sells what they describe as "genuine and touching products of original Portuguese design". PSFK visited and took these photos.

Innovation Provenance

"In 2008, provenance is going to become more important at luxury goods companies as CEOs decide whether to downgrade their brands (they wouldn't call it this, but we would) by shutting workshops and moving the work to Asia to improve margins, or take a long-term view and keep investing in craftsmanship, education and maintaining manufacturing facilities above the shop."