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Gaming & Play Sensor Embedded Kitchen Utensils 'Gamifies' Cooking For Future Chefs [Future Of Gaming]

The French Digital Kitchen is an innovative cooking environment that features cooking utensils and ingredient containers with digitally embedded sensors alongside interactive displays, which track and evaluate a student’s activity.

Technology Game Functionality And Systems: Life-Sized Game Pieces [Future Of Gaming]

As intelligent sensors are embedded into every day products from clothing to sports equipment and even cooking utensils, people are able to track and analyze the data collected from a wider variety of daily activities.

Home Stroke Victims Learn Steps To Recovery Using Wii Game [Future Of Gaming]

Researchers at the US University of Notre Dame have developed a recovery platform for stroke patients using the Nintendo Wii called WeHab.

Innovation Gesture Capturing Screen 'Gamifies' Fitness At The Gym [Future Of Gaming]

Bally’s total Fitness has leveraged the capabilities of SoftKinect technology to install gesture-based interactive video walls at their gyms.

Advertising Mobile Game Entices Theme Park Attendees With Exclusive Access [Future Of Gaming]

The Skip The Line mobile application combines location-based gaming with exclusive access and rewards at Six Flags Amusement Parks.

Gaming & Play Game Mechanics That Drive People To Action: Rewards

Gaming systems are tapping into people’s inherent desire to be rewarded for their positive behaviors, developing creative ways to connect real world actions with earning points or currency.

Work Game Penalizes Exercisers For Failing To Get To The Gym [Future Of Gaming]

Gym-Pact is a start-up that works in collaboration with fitness centers in Boston to provide monetary disincentives for skipping the gym.

Gaming & Play Game Motivates Well-Being Through Financial Disincentives [Future Of Gaming] is a site that helps users commit to personal goals ranging from losing weight, to eating vegan, or becoming debt free.

Technology Motivating Inter-Office Health Through A Competitive Game [Future Of Gaming]

Keas is an online platform that transforms inter-office health into a collaborative competition, motivating individual well-being by requiring participants to work together as a team to meet collective health goals.