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Design Op-Ed: Why Businesses Should Strive To Be More Beautiful

Alan Moore describes why he has made it his life’s mission to help businesses discover their own unique beauty

Advertising Content Marketing Expert: Where Digital Media is Heading in 2017 and Beyond

TJ Leonard, the CEO of VideoBlocks, discusses three fundamental shifts that will drive production and advertising budgets in 2017—the evolving definition of a content creator, the rapid innovation in video-capture technology, and how authenticity and mobility dominate our personal social feeds.

Technology Mobile Technology Expert: How Should Brands Incorporate Augmented Reality In 2017?

From remote collaboration to product previews to an enhanced user experience, Appy Pie CEO Abhinav Girdhar explains how AR has the potential to disrupt and improve every aspect of the business space.

Fashion & Apparel Human Rights Activist: What Is The Future Of Corporate Responsibility?

Corban Addison, author, attorney, activist, traveler and humanitarian, explains the lasting impact the world's most powerful companies have had by committing themselves to global good

Retail Business Creativity Expert: How To Disrupt Myopia In An Organization

Jason Brush, EVP of Creative at POSSIBLE, explains how the most challenging step in business evolution involves empathizing disruptive forces and their values

Retail Global Chief Digital Officer: Selling Value In An Era When Less Is More

Matt Howell, Global CDO of Havas, explores how consumers are shifting away from mindless spending in favor of more meaningful consumption choices with emphasis on experiences

Gaming & Play Technology Director: A Westworld Experience Is Closer Than We Think

Ricky Bacon, Critical Mass Group Technology Director, outlines the ethical and moral questions surrounding artificial intelligence in HBO's Westworld

Work Siftly Founder: My Learnings From A Year Of Running Siftly

To mark Siftly's one year anniversary, its founder Frank Striefler, explains what the company has learned about connecting the right people to the right jobs

Food & Beverage Plant Cultivation Expert: Could The Future Of Food Be Free?

Mattias Lepp, founder of Click & Grow, discusses how he's planning to develop the world’s leading technology company for growing food in cities