Innovation How Maker-Friendly Tools Are Embedding Internet Connectivity into Everyday Objects

Maker tools are simplifying coding languages or creating ‘good enough’ shortcuts helping creators improve the features and functionality of their products to widen their appeal.

Design No Coding Required: New Tools Embedding Interactivity Into Maker Projects

New software tools and interfaces allow makers to connect their products to the Internet and begin experimenting with various types of interactive experiences.

Partner Content Revitalizing ‘Made in America’ Manufacturing

A burgeoning set of services can connect makers with the resources necessary to take their inventions into full-scale production

Home Connecting Entrepreneurs with the Resources to Scale

A distributed network of manufacturers can help you take your passions from working prototype to a mass-produced product line.

Work How 3D Printing is Fueling the Explosion of Open Maker Marketplaces

Pinshape co-founder Nick Schwinghamer talks about how 3D-printing marketplaces are among those helping makers compete alongside traditional companies

Design Democratized Marketplaces Moving ‘Making’ Mainstream

Makers now have access to an expanded range of retail platforms and services that enable them to market and sell their creations to larger audiences.

Innovation Break it to Rebuild, and Other Lessons Empowering a Modern-Day Maker Manifesto

Emerging tools are allowing makers to efficiently test and refine their designs over multiple iterations to ensure that the final product effectively meets the needs of its end users

Partner Content Fail Fast, Fail Often: Embracing Iteration as Fundamental to the Maker Process

Sophisticated printing technologies and interfaces are helping makers overcome the challenges of taking a new concept from the prototype to manufacturing stage

Home Expanding 3D Printing into a Maker’s Repetoire

Empowering tinkerers, hackers and Maker entrepreneurs to print their own 3D masterpieces.

Work Digitizing the Analog: The Ever-Expanding Toolkit For 21st-Century Makers

Simplified design tools are helping makers take their ideas from 2D concepts and sketches into digital 3D models that can be readied for the production pipeline

Luxury Gossiping Gadgets: IoT and the Meaningful Relationship with Your Toaster

Internet-connected devices are sharing information to improve and personalize performance, all while expanding upon a collective knowledge base. Will your toaster get along with your new car?

Advertising Alternative Learning Is Transplanting Traditional Education for Makers

Alternative curricula are expanding the collective know-how of the maker community and providing valuable insights for inventors at any stage of their project

Design Living In a World That Reacts as Fast as You

Networked objects are learning to anticipate our needs and orchestrate responses that deliver safety, efficiency and convenience

Advertising Incubating a 21st Century Skillset for Making

Niche educational programs are teaching Makers the key skills and entrepreneurial insights they need to find success in the real world