Technology VR Club Lets Dancers Immerse Themselves In Artwork That Moves With Their Bodies

Acid house pioneer Danny Rampling announced the celebration in London

Advertising Crowdsourced Platform Wants You To Help Save Lives With Your Heartbeat

Heart for Heart is an app that's crowdsourcing information on a serious, and often undiagnosed, heart rhythm disorder called AFIB

Design Wireless Router Monitors And Diagnoses Health Issues

WiGait is a home device that measures walking speed to identify changes in a person's body over time

Wellness This Wearable Sticks To Your Neck To Help You Sleep Better

Thync has created the Relax Pro as a wearable sleep aid and to promote relaxation

Technology Jump Rope Generates Useable Electricity From Exercise

PULSE harvests kinetic energy which is converted to electricity and can be used to charge small devices.