Advertising Solve A Giant Jigsaw Puzzle To Receive Free Cheese

Dairy brand Mainland gives customers the opportunity to solve a huge puzzle in exchange for 20 kg of free cheese

Design Giant Color Gradient Puzzle Has Over 1,000 Individual Tiles

In order to solve it, users must figure out how each individually colored tile fits in the color scheme

Entertainment Mind-Bending Puzzle Game Takes A Page Right Out Of M.C. Escher

Fragments of Euclid lets gamers explore a strangely connected world

Children This Toy Puzzle Is Actually A Piece Of Furniture

DesignLibero have created plush animals that can transform into functional furniture pieces

Fashion & Apparel Fashion Store Can Be Assembled Together Like Tetris

The interior of the space features fitting rooms that slot together to create a large stairway

Gaming & Play Super-Sized Rubik’s Cube Can Be 3D Printed By Anyone [Video]

Are we entering the next generation of gaming?

Technology National Geographic & Coca-Cola Film A Positive Vision Of The World

FIlmakers sponsored to document stories of real life heroes who are making the world a better place.

Innovation Fill Your Calendar By Putting A Puzzle Piece In Each Day

A Portuguese designer creates a unique calendar-puzzle concept that jigsaw enthusiasts and avid timekeepers alike will enjoy.

Advertising Augmented Reality Creates Animated Jigsaw Puzzles

Ravensburg goes beyond simple visual appreciation with their toys through an integrated multimedia experience.

Technology Peugeot's Pinterest Jigsaw Puzzle Sends Fans On A Hunt For The Pieces

Car manufacturer creates an engaging and clever social media campaign where users must find missing images on pinboards.

Gaming & Play Gamers Beat Scientists To Solve Complicated Molecular Puzzle

Using an online gaming platform, team of gamers have managed to solve a molecular puzzle that could lead to a cure for AIDS.