Automotive The World's First Commercial Hoverbike Has Arrived

This electric-powered quadcopter is trying to change the way we get around

Design Google Is Developing A Drone For Home Teleconferencing

In the patent, the tech company indirectly asks: why settle with a boring web camera?

Fitness & Sport Retailer Builds Indoor Pilot School For Drones

Popular South Korean manufacturer DJI opened a 1,395 square meter arena to offer hands-on lessons for potential customers

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Work Sonar-Powered Drone Wants to Be Your Fishing Buddy

Startup Aguadrone creates a quadcopter for line fishers and commercial boats that informs them where to find the catch

Design Once Airborne, Self-Navigating Drone Becomes Diehard Media Companion

Lily is an autonomous drone that will take videos and photos of you from up above

Advertising Drone Journalism and Sports Coverage Coming to a Sky Near You

The DJI Phantom 2 commercial drone offers sky-high possibilities in the realm of storytelling

Home Edible Chocolate Drone You Can Make At Home

The quadcopter has a frame made out of food, with the motors and flight controller mounted on top.