Automotive SUV Uses Multi-Directional Cameras To Be Constantly Self-Aware

The new Land Cruiser from Toyota incorporates technologies that are bridging the gap between self-driving vehicles and the mainstream auto market

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Radar Is Yahoo's Artificially Intelligent Travel Guide

The technology can guess where you're going before you get there, as well as learn your personal preferences to make better recommendations

Advertising Foursquare Radar Helps Brands Be More Proactive

The location-based platform leverages Apple's iOS 5 update to expand into geographically specific recommendations.

Innovation Cobra iRadar Integrates iPhone & Car Radar Detectors

A specialized app works with a dash-mounted radar & laser detector to deliver radar alerts, enable tracking, and augment trap detection with mapping of speed & red-light cameras.

Design An iPad-Controlled, Self Driving Car

Germany's Freie University has created an autonomous taxi that can be managed remotely.

Design Nano-Paint Transforms Any Plane Into A Stealth Aircraft

A new material absorbs electromagnetic waves, making it difficult for radar receivers to notice objects.

Design Scientists Create A New Metamaterial

A new lab-created substance reflects almost no light, making it possibly the darkest material ever.

Design Nokia Mobile Radar Concept

The Nokia Research Center has recently introduced "mobile radar" in concept form at a demo in Finland.