Beauty Cartier Took Shoppers Inside A Diamond To Experience Its Latest Fragrance

At a popup shop showcasing its classic and newly launched fragrances, the French luxury brand offered visitors an interactive and dynamic way to discover its products, including a fragrance fountain, mantra wall and a surround-sound diamond immersion chamber

Analysis How Brands Like Under Armour Are Enabling Responsive Products

From color-changing fabrics to garments that can answer phone calls, apparel retailers are enhancing how consumers interact with their clothing with wearable technology, enabling useful functions and capabilities

Design NYC's First State LGBTQ Monument Will Be A Garden Of Rainbows

The design of New York City's new LGBTQ monument was revealed during this year's Pride Parade

Technology Visualizations Depict Our Invisible Cell Phone Signal Infrastructure [Pics]

These data-driven images display the pulsating world of frequencies around us.

Advertising Visualizations Depict Wifi Signals In Urban Areas [Pics]

Artist explores the idea of what it would be like if this technology was visible to the naked eye.

Home Robot Shines To People Are Smiles [Video]

The Smile-Bot aims to instill a sense of happiness in those around it.

Syndicated Creator's Project: Step Through A Bubbling Rainbow

In her work, Anaísa Franco uses technology as a way to give life and emotions to objects.

Advertising Nike Launches City-Specific Shoe Designs To Celebrate Gay Pride Week [Pics]

A range of limited edition sneakers unveiled for one of the biggest LGBT events this year.

Work Origami Street Art Papers The Buildings Of Paris [Pics]

The traditional Japanese craft gets an update when repurposed as a larger urban creation on the streets of Paris.