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Health Tech Companies Are Helping Consumers Curb Usage For Healthier Lives

Apple, Android and Instagram are all releasing new features to help users strike a better balance with screen time

Design How Brands Are Encouraging Customers To Reuse Packaging

With a third of U.S. trash coming from packaging waste, brands are launching special offers and experiences to motivate consumers to recycle and reuse

Advertising Michelin And Vans Promote Safe Teen Driving With Limited-Edition Sneaker

The unlikely pairing between the tire manufacturer and the shoe retailer aims to educate teens on driving safety using a social media contest, rewarding the winner with a special sneaker

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket How Brands Are Embedding Their Campaigns With Causes

Conscious consumers demand conscious advertising, which is why marketers are finding creative ways to incorporate raising awareness for important issues into their campaigns

Food & Beverage Tesco's Reusable Grocery Bag Contains A Hidden Discount For Shoppers

The supermarket chain designed a sustainable shopping bag that includes a discount code to incentivize customers to reduce plastic waste

Home Google And Target Made A Voice Coupon For Orders Placed Via Google Assistant

The tech giant issued its first voice-enabled coupon, giving customers $15 off any Target order placed using the AI assistant

Children Campaign Removed Boy From Sugar Packaging To Help Missing Children

Belgian non-profit Child Focus used a household brand to deliver a call-to-action for its advocacy work

Advertising AR Experience Lets People See War Through The Eyes Of A Child

The International Committee of the Red Cross developed an augmented reality app to raise awareness of what it’s like to grow up in a war-torn country

Interview Interview: Disrupting Sustainability For Good

Wanda Weller, former director of design at Patagonia, founded a sustainable home goods company to push for transparency in organic labeling

Fashion & Apparel Lacoste Is Raising Awareness About Endangered Species With New Line

The clothing company is replacing its iconic crocodile logo with ten different endangered animals

Packaging & Product Engagement Canadian Campaign Combats Driving-While-High With Designer Marijuana Strains

'Consequence Strains' highlights the risks of driving high that are often masked by playful marketing

Health Billboard Coughs On Passersby To Spread Awareness About Lung Cancer

The Marie Keating Foundation wants to raise awareness for lung cancer with an audible billboard

Entertainment Pharrell Created A Song That Can Only Be Heard If Climate Change Is Addressed

Pharrell wants to raise awareness for climate change with the creation of a new track that will release in 100 years

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Hotel Designed To Cater To Activists

The Eaton Hotel is made for those engaged in politics on any level