Design Household Appliances Made From Old, Discarded Ones

‘Short-Circuit’ is a project by designer Gaspard Tine-Beres, featuring upcycled kettles, toasters, and coffee makers.

Gaming & Play London's Iconic King's Cross Station Gets A Makeover [Pics]

The three-part re-use, restoration and new building project has now opened to the public.

Design Parking Meters As Bike Racks

New York's Department of Transportation is planning to transform 225 parking meters into bike racks.

Design Swimming Back In Time: The Piscine De Pontoise in Paris

At a time where there’s a lot of debate on how we should be transforming our cities to make them more sustainable and pleasurable, one of the answers is in rehabilitating old structures instead of destroying them.

Design (Pic) Transforming Phone Booths Into Smoking Booths

Dutch telecoms operator KPN has redesigned some of their (presumably underused) phone booths as smoking rooms.

Advertising A Box Life: Tracking the Story of Cardboard Boxes

A Box Life encourages re-use by tracking the life and use of cardboard boxes.