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Advertising Hosain Rahman: Time to Think About the Internet of You

The Internet of You is about not connecting because we can – but connecting because we should, says Jawbone’s founder

Design IoT: Networked Intelligence Ensures Technology is Never One Size Fits All

Adaptive technologies are becoming responsive in nature then sharing those learnings within a networked ecosystem, creating enormous implications in the classroom and beyond

Home Gossiping Gadgets: IoT and the Meaningful Relationship with Your Toaster

Internet-connected devices are sharing information to improve and personalize performance, all while expanding upon a collective knowledge base. Will your toaster get along with your new car?

Partner Content Living In a World That Reacts as Fast as You

Networked objects are learning to anticipate our needs and orchestrate responses that deliver safety, efficiency and convenience

Innovation How to Prepare for a World that Anticipates Every Outcome

Technology assists us with issues that it was programmed to solve, but how will our lives change when it can learn and act before we even ask?

Gaming & Play Why 'Access' Will Define the Internet of Things

Maintaining a free ecosystem within the Internet of Things is crucial to the survival of our freedom as individuals, and society as a whole.

Technology Laying The Foundation for Innovation Open Source Access

For innovation to really explode, we may have to rethink traditional ways of protecting proprietary information. Is it time to leverage the latent opportunities hidden in open datasets?

Work How Tech That Learns Is Delivering a Curated Content Stream Just for You

Tech that asks not just what but why can begin to understand us across a wide range of situations that make up our lives and deliver tailored content personalized to time and place.

Video Why ‘Contexual’ Is the New ‘Search’ Living Within the Internet of Things

The days of a standard user experience are over, and there’s no need to adjust the settings

Home How Technology Is Decoding the Secret Language of Nature

Sensors embedded within infrastructure and environment alike are lending a dynamic voice to the world we live in.

Design The Feel-Good Effects Of Affective Computing

Technologies that can understand human emotions, and respond appropriately may change the ways we use technology forever.

Innovation Uncorking Distributed Intelligence Networks at a Global Scale

Sensors are changing how and where information is being gathered, creating novel information pools to tap into for better, more informed decision making.

Partner Content The Real-Time Sensor Networks Building a Complete Picture of Our World

If knowledge is power, then each sensor that comes online offers an increase in human potential and enhanced decision making.

Luxury How Wearable Collections Are Shaping Our Future

How Billie Whitehouse’s Wearable Experiments is changing the way we think about clothing