recommendation engine

Fashion & Apparel Personal Styling Site Helps Shoppers Discover K-Fashion Brands

Suggesty is hoping to make Korean apparel brands more accessible to American consumers, parlaying the overseas success of K-pop and K-beauty into fashion

Merchandising & Curation Barnes & Noble Shoppers Can Ask Its In-Store 'Bookseller' Guides For Gift Recs

The retailer is aiming to appeal to book lovers' sense of curiosity and discovery by offering knowledgable staff "booksellers" who will provide one-on-one guidance and expertise to store shoppers this holiday season

Consumer Goods Minimalist Ecommerce Platform Forgoes Variety To Prioritize Shopper Satisfaction

In an era of hyper-personalization, Good, Cheap, and Fast is a no-frills site that takes the opposite approach, helping shoppers cut through the overabundance of internet goods by offering few but quality options and enabling stress-free, practical shopping

Gaming & Play Tip for Tat Site Showcases Opposing Pieces of Advice

'For every piece of advice, there is an equal and opposite piece of advice'

Luxury Discovery Engine Sorts Through Users’ Cultural Interests To Suggest To-Dos [Video]

Qloo is a mobile app that helps people discover new things based on their personal tastes.

Innovation Socially Curated Discovery: How Algorithms Will Tell Us What We Like [Future Of Entertainment]

In the second week of our ten week series with IQ by Intel, we look at the rise of socially-powered recommendation services.

Advertising Projected Retail Displays Translate Online Shopping Into The Real World

Perch Interactive's projections surround real-world products with information such as reviews and stock information like available sizes and colors.

Technology Foursquare Adds More Schools To Their University Program

Building off last years success, Foursquare is participating with more schools to help students navigate their campus

Design Design Thinking Overhauls Exhausted Online Travel Experience

Wanderfly aims to bring the recommendation engine experience to online travel transactions.

Retail Amazon's Like Button Debuts

The largest online shopping site on the web tests the popular Facebook feature.