Design Paul Parreira: The Vinyl Truth - Why Records Still Matter

Saturday, April 19th is Record Store Day around the world, but should we care?

Technology Crowdfunded Music Service To Release Rare Vinyl Records

Universal Music is developing a service that will re-release deleted and rare records of old albums if there is enough demand.

Design Carved Vinyl Records Display Images While Maintaining Their Original Sound

A device that uses sound waves to create one-of-a-kind graphics on the analog medium.

Work Phones Alert Drivers If They'll Get A Parking Ticket When They Skip Out On Paying

SpotAgent allows people in this city to decide whether or not to feed the meter or risk penalty by using parking citation data.

Technology 3D Printed Records Provoke New Music Piracy Debate

Amanda Ghassaei of Instructables has converted digital audio files into 33rpm records that play on standard record players.

Home Indie Band Has Listeners Make Their Latest Record Out Of Ice

Sweden's Shout Out Louds create a limited edition cd you can create at home using a frozen mold.

Technology Airbnb Reaches 60,000 Bookings A Night [Headlines]

The rental site marked a new record with a 50% increase in bookings since previous.

Home What Record Stores Looked Like In The 1960s [Headlines]

A 1960's photo gallery of a quickly vanishing cultural icon, the record store.

Technology The Return Of Vinyl [Infographic]

Vinyl record sales are projected to jump 25% in 2011 prompting the question -- is vinyl is here to stay?

Advertising How Amoeba Keeps Selling Music

The Los Angeles Times talks to Marc Weinstein, co-founder of the independent Amoeba Music chain.

Design (Pics) Upcycled Jewelry Made From Vinyl Records

A UK designer creates detailed jewelry from recycled vintage records.

Retail Stuff: What Happens When Record Stores Die

What happens when a record store closes down, do the owners keep the shop alive in another form?

Design Linos Minimalist Portable Record Player

The Linos concept provides a simple, transportable, and computer accessible solution to the record player.