Red Dot Design Award

Design Concept Post-Its Carry Data Like A Flash Drive [Pics]

Red Dot Award winner dataSTICKIES aims to replace the standard thumb drive.

Design Redesigned Clear Tape Has Edges That Never Disappear [Pics]

Chinese design studio Nanoin Design's Transparent Tape has sides that have no adhesive.

Innovation Redesigned Flatware Makes It Easier For Patients With Nerve Disorders To Eat

An award-winning design by I-Ting Chan and Ting-Yin Yeh is elegant yet highly functional.

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Fold This Travel Map To Create A Drinking Cup, Matchstick & Compass

The Paper Kit is a foldable booklet that includes a variety of helpful tools for exploring outdoors.

Design Bike Seat Doubles As A Pump To Fill The Tires

The BioLogic PostPump 2.0 is integrated into the seat post so riders can refill the air in their tires with minimal effort.

Design Innovative Paper Dish Provides Mini Plate For Each Pizza Slice

This concept for keeping your hands clean while enjoying take-out has won a Red Dot design award.

Design Retap Eco-Friendly Refillable Water Bottles

Danish design company aims to reduce the use of plastic bottles with a high-quality glass bottle that can be refilled from the tap.

Advertising Faceless Watch By Yiran Qian

A conceptual watch inspired by the central void inside a destructive storm.