Food & Beverage Refrigerator Sends "Shelfies" So You Never Need Another Grocery List

Brands like Samsung and Bosch are adding internal cameras to their refrigerators to help customers know what they've got at home and what they need to buy

Health Electricity-Free Refrigerator Uses Ancient Technique To Save Food

The low-cost cooler can help low-income families keep perishables fresh for longer

Design Refrigerator Tweets Live Video Whenever Its Door Is Opened

To promote its new line of cold storage appliances, LG Sweden has built a model with a social media presence.

Innovation Instant Drink Cooler Eliminates Excessive Energy Use [Video]

Breakthrough technology can cool your drink when you buy it in under 45 seconds.

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Industrial designer creates a new way to keep fruit and vegetables crisp using excess energy.

Advertising UV Light Fridges Prevent Food From Rotting

New design concept was able to keep strawberries fresh and intact for nine days.

Innovation Scientists Discover How To Keep Fruit Fresher For Longer

A catalytic converter for produce could prevent them spoiling so quickly.

Home Samsung & SodaStream Unveil Fridge That Dispenses Sparkling Water

A cool glass of freshly fizzed water will soon be only a button press away.

Technology Smart Device Will Only Open Doors If Users Are Smiling

Scientists at the University of Tokyo have developed a device that makes a fridge door much easier to open when people smile at it.

Technology This Doorless Fridge Saves Energy

An industrial design student at Massey University in New Zealand has designed a refrigeration wall called 'Impress' that holds food and drinks out in the open.

Home Bio Robot Refrigerator: Food Preserved In Morphing Gel

A conceptual, futuristic design of a traditional home appliance.