Automotive Wayback Burger Delivery Vehicle Cooks Customers' Food On-Site

The restaurant chain is debuting an electric vehicle and app that combine the convenience of delivery with on-site cooking, aiming to curb common complaints of "soggy fries" or forgotten items

Food & Beverage First Look: Are Walgreens' In-Store Targeted Ads Influencing Shoppers' Choices?

As the pharmacy chain tests new in-store shopper marketing technology, PSFK gleans exclusive insight into how the tech and ads work as well as how consumers are responding so far

Merchandising & Curation Byte Foods Demonstrates How To Incorporate Fresh Vending Into Office Spaces

Striving to serve employees' increasing interest in healthy eating, companies are providing nutritious yet convenient food options by incorporating technology like fresh vending into the office

Delivery & Logistics Panasonic Creates Custom Lockers As A Last-Mile Delivery Solution For Customers

The tech conglomerate turned to a refridgeration firm to create a customized module system, powered by IoT, to provide consumers with more convenient and personalized delivery experiences

Home Consumers Can Ask Alexa When Their Leftovers Will Go Bad

IoT storage containers integrate with Amazon Alexa and display color-coded lights to warn users when food is about to expire, reducing waste

Design Interview: Why We Need Less Tech, Smarter People

Cyborg anthropologist Amber Case makes an argument for better, quieter design

Cafe & Restaurant Interview: What Product Innovation Gets From Startup Culture

Before joining us on stage at CXI 2018, Suvie CEO Robin Liss talks about her journey through startup and corporate cultures to champion the robotic kitchen

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket How Brands Are Enhancing Their Business By Offering In-Home Services

The latest way companies are distinguishing themselves from their competitors involves offering services that reach all the way into people's homes, helping them assemble their purchases or walking their dogs

Interview Interview: Adapting The Home-Cooked Meal For The Convenience Market

Suvie's CEO and Co-Founder Robin Liss speaks to PSFK about IoT in the home and what the future of cooking might look like

Retail Refrigerator Sends "Shelfies" So You Never Need Another Grocery List

Brands like Samsung and Bosch are adding internal cameras to their refrigerators to help customers know what they've got at home and what they need to buy

Entertainment Hotel Rooms Of The Future Could Remember How You Like To Sleep

The Hilton have started testing a new smart hotel room that knows all of the guests's preferences

Technology Panasonic's New Fridge Brings Food On Demand

A new fridge designed by Panasonic is programmed to travel around a home to make it easier for elderly customers to have food brought to them

Food & Beverage What An Amazon And Whole Foods Future Might Look Like

A design firm created a vision of what a future powered by the companies could do to brick-and-mortar retail

Design Rotating Home Contains Four Rooms In One Space

The shifting living quarters has four distinct spaces it can swap to, each with various hidden compartments