Reginé Debatty

Design WMMNA: French Artist Repurposes 'Dead Technology'

In this exhibition, Paul Granjon turns obsolete gadgets into robots and other artefacts.

Advertising WMMNA: Pictoplasma Focus - Interview With Genevieve Gauckler

Regine Debatty interviews artist, illustrator, and art director Genevieve Gauckler, about a new exhibition at MU in Eindhoven.

Gaming & Play WMMNA: Le Cadavre Exquis

Le Cadavre Exquis is among this year's winning proposals of Making Future Work, an initiative to commission digital innovation research in the East Midlands.

Innovation WMMNA: The Infinite Adventure Machine

A new computer program uses artificial intelligence to generate fairy-tales.

Technology WMMNA: World Press Photo 2011 [Pics]

The World Press Photo 2011 winners included photographs that showed death, disease, natural disaster, delight, high fashion and more. Here are some highlights.

Work WMMNA: Interview With Good Wives And Warriors, Girls Drawing On Stuff

Régine Debatty interviews the girls behind Good Wives and Warriors, the illustration duo who have drawn on walls, cars and magazines for big name clients.

Home WMMNA: Garden Art Installation Asks, Who's The Invasive Alien Species, Us Or Them?

Theater artist Kris Verdonck, transforms the first floor of the Z33 art space in Hasselt, Belgium into a garden that explores the concept of 'invasive alien species.'

Advertising WMMNA: Worms Dance In Light Of A Microscope At Genomics Awards

Régine Debatty gives us a look into the Designers and Artists 4 Genomics Awards in The Netherlands. A stand out project was 'Microscopic Opera' that showed lab worms dancing under a microscope.

Video WMMNA: Communism, Fantasy And Homemade Bombs At Polish Art Exhibition

Regine Debatty takes us into the world of Polish Art from the exhibition called 'The Power Of Fantasy' held at the Bozar Center in Brussels.

Design WMMNA: Redefining Human Perception

Blogger Regine Debatty takes an interest in how artists, architects, and designers have been experimenting and redefining the boundaries of the human perception.

Gaming & Play WMMNA: Blade-Runneresque Pretends To Be You On Facebook And Twitter

Régine Debatty, art show curator and writer of the “We Make Money Not Art” blog, takes a look at a web service that simulates online interactions by taking the user's profiles and interests.

Design We Make Money Not Art: Heathrow Heritage

Writer Regine Debatty talks to Design Interactions graduate, Lisa Ma, about her efforts to stop the expansion of the Heathrow Airport through a tour project.

Innovation (Video) Reginé Debatty At PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON

In this video from PSFK CONFERENCE LONDON 2007, Reginé Debatty of We Make Money Not Art describes how today's artists explore technology.