Cafe & Restaurant Inside The Sprawling, Controversial $500 Million Museum Of The Bible

The museum conceived by the billionaire president of Hobby Lobby and set to open next month has attracted skepticism over its ideological mission

Syndicated A Former Google Engineer Is Developing An AI God

Way of the Future, a religious group founded by Anthony Levandowski, wants to create a deity based on artificial intelligence for the betterment of society

Advertising Boston Will Fight Islamophobia On Public Transit With A Viral Cartoon

The work of a French illustrator on Tumblr has been picked up by U.S. cities to encourage travelers to intervene in abuse

Technology Robot Priest Challenges Debate Over The Future Of Organized Churches

BlessU-2, which delivers blessings in five languages, is intended to trigger debate about the future of the church

Design Pop-Up Religious Buildings Could Sustain Culture In Refugee Camps

Architect students design portable churches, synagogues and mosques for displaced communities

Advertising Newspaper Readers Forced To Experience Censorship In Altered Comments Section

Readers who attempted to comment on a controversial article found their comments censored

Features The 10 Best Places for Reflection

From Reykjavik to Tate Modern, we look at spaces to inspire contemplation

Work Minimalist Nativity Set Gets Back To The Basics [Pics]

These beechwood blocks allow you to imagine your own kind of nativity scene.

Technology NY Times Wedding Section Analysis Visualizes Years Of Nuptial Trends [Pics]

Custom data visualizations of marriage similarities and differences dating back to 1981.

Syndicated Book Review: In-Depth Expose Of Scientology

The controversial religion is put under the microscope, to great effect, by author Lawrence Wright in his new tome.

Technology Google Digitizes Ancient Dead Sea Scrolls [Video]

Biblical artifacts are now available online and can be accessed by anyone.

Innovation Are The Fringes Defining Mainstream Society?

During the first axial age man discovered transcendent faith. A new book proposes that spiritual energy is is actually found on the edges of our culture today, rather than the mainstream.

Features Monks Blend History And Malt In Their First Beer Created In 450 Years

The Benedictine community at Ampleforth Abbey in Yorkshire will begin to sell Britain's first monastic brew since the Reformation.

Innovation Dalai Lama: Young People Should Not Expect Life To Be Easy

Religious leader says that London riots were caused by a generation filled with misconceptions.