Gaming & Play Synthesizer Lets Computer Programs Control One Another [Video]

Artist makes network box that lets videos games command new functions.

Technology Music Video Game Can Be Remixed By Players [Video]

Based on Swiss Lips’ new track 'Carolyn', the retro driving game lets players affect and remix the song.

Advertising Public Enemy Teams Up With BitTorrent To Release New Single

The rappers have put their latest track on the file sharing website along with instrumentals and vocals to remix it.

Advertising DJ Refreshes The Sound Of The Opening A Bottle Of Coke [Video]

Everyday sounds are the material being used to reinvigorate this banal noise.

Design Heineken Opens Advertising Archives, Invites Fans To ‘Remix’ Its Past Visual Identity

To celebrate the brand’s 140th birthday, it is challenging designers to create an iconic bottle of the future.

Work PSFK Picks: Top Five Apps Of The Week

A roundup of the latest, most fascinating apps we’ve learned about this past week, from an ever-present female companion to one that calculates how to get the most money back from your credit cards.

Technology Remix Favorite Online Videos With This Interactive Tool

Mozilla Popcorn Maker lets you add social feeds, photos, maps, and even Wikipedia links to web content.

Syndicated New Tokyo Design Museum In Tokyo, Delorean Love & Remixing Heineken's Future [PechaKucha]

In today's stroll through the PechaKucha archive we discover a presentation on the joys of the famed car from 'Back to the Future.'

Syndicated Getting Things Done Through ADD & Remaking the Brazilian Anthem [PechaKucha]

Today’s presentations from the Pecha Kucha archive include the rationale for why anyone can do anything for five minutes.

Design Vintage Vespa Laptop Desk Makes Work A Little Less Dull

Designer David Giametta saves a 1968 scooter from the junkyard, creating functional and unique furniture.

Innovation Sonic Cradle Lets You Mix Soundscapes With Your Breathing

An interactive media exhibition provides aural immersion and potential therapeutic benefits.

Advertising Music Created Entirely With Alarms Oddly Calming [Video]

With the introductory warning “Alert! The tracks you about to here are made entirely using alarms!” one might expect Rajeev Basu's EEP EEP EEP EP to sound, well, alarming.

Home Is Remix Culture Eating Itself?

Ironic self-recursive remixes on Soundcloud highlight the tension between a remix and a rip off.

Bio Scanning Body Suit Lets You Remix Your Inner Rhythms [Video]

Wearable technology brings remix culture to the bio - medical realm.