repurposed material

Cafe & Restaurant These Bed Sheets Are Infused With Coffee To Eliminate Odors

The Ettitude bed set contains bamboo and coffee grounds to reduce moisture and odors

Delivery & Logistics Repurposed Shipping Containers Make Hotel Rooms And More

Contained designs living spaces within shipping containers for compact and portable accommodations

Design Synth Artist Builds Instruments From Old Phone Switchboards

One artist saw a unique connection between an obsolete technology and a retro one.

Design Designer Turns Abandoned WWII Military Gear Into Furniture

Stephen Kenn found a warehouse in L.A. filled with surplus gear and turned the fabric into unique sofas and chairs.

Design New York Water Tower Repurposed Into Wooden Lounge Chair [Pics]

Reclaimed timbers from a NYC landmark were used to make this undulating piece of furniture.

Luxury Confiscated AK-47s Transformed Into Luxury Jewelry [Pics]

Fonderie47 melts down the steel components and refashions them with gold.

Work 100 Hammers: Project M's Initiative For Unconsumption

A new charity has participants borrow a second-hand hammer for one month to create work that benefit local art projects.

Home (Pic) Vintage Kodachrome Slides Become A Nostalgic Curtain

Creative upcycling of a antiquated media format.