Design These Empty Parking Garages Became Useful Community Spaces

Carl Turner Architects transformed a seven-story empty parking garage in London into a multi-functional creative community space for the neighborhood to use

Home IKEA's Iconic Bag Transformed Into Garments And Accessories

Reimaginings and redesigns of the FRAKTA bag show how ubiquitous its simple design is

Retail Top 10 Ways Retailers Changed The Game In 2013

From mani-pedis for men to a Nike store made out of reused garbage, check out the most read-about retail projects of the year.

Technology USB Wipe Card Speeds Recycling Of Computers

A Kickstarter campaign proposes technology that securely erases data and loads educational content for children in developing countries.

Advertising Design Duo Turn Thrift Store Sweaters Into Rugs

Katarina Brieditis and Katarina Evans repurpose material to create a series of eye-catching Re Rugs.

Design Coat Hangers Made From Repurposed Bike Parts [Pics]

This set of visually appealing clothing storage items are made from upcycled bicycle frames, wheels and handlebars.

Work Vintage Suitcases Repurposed As Boom Boxes [Pics]

BoomCase is a series of luggage turned into beautiful stereos.

Technology Vintage Hardcover Book Jackets Repurposed As Kindle Cases [Pics]

The BookCase from Swell Accessories lets you protect your e-reader with a cover made from an old book.

Innovation Transform Your Mason Jar Into A Cheap & Durable Travel Mug

Cuppow is a spill-free solution that turns the eco-friendly, heat-resistant hipster cup of choice into a portable solution.

Advertising World's Greenest Coffee Cup Is Compostable In 90 Days

The insulated product launches at Bed Bath & Beyond, with a campaign on Facebook.

Work Imagined Developments Symbolize Revival in New Orleans [Pics]

Hypothetical Development Organization is dreaming up absurd uses of abandoned buildings to inspire urban renewal in New Orleans.

Design Anything Goes In Recession Design

The DIY resourcefulness required during our economic crisis may have inspired a new 'undecorate' design movement.

Design Nike Speakers: Challenging Throwaway Culture Through Repurposing

A competition which encourages new uses for discarded items makes a virtue of recycling.

Retail Throw Away Culture Slows Down

Post recession hoarding is having an impact on purchase patterns as customers hang onto products for longer, squeezing every last drop of functionality from them.