Technology Filter Google Search To Eliminate 'Bad' Results Of Yourself

Norton’s new tool ‘Top Search’ lets anyone change the high ranked search result for themselves for free and link it to a Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, personal blog, etc.

Advertising The Anti-Klout Measures How Much Of A D--chebag You Are Online

Klouchebag lets users check if they're a nice person or just 'very noisy' on social media sites.

Gaming & Play Marketers 'Gamify' Brand Loyalty Rewarding Online Engagement [Future Of Gaming]

Crowdtap is a web-based network that enables marketers to connect with their most engaged consumers online and reward them with VIP access for active participation.

Technology Badges As Visual Résumé

A new service simplifies how co-workers promote and praise one another.

Design Seth Godin: Slick

When it's easy for anyone to produce professional looking work, how can we discern true quality?

Advertising (Video) Craigslist Founder Believes The Web Needs A Distributed Trust Network

In a recent interview, Craig Newmark, the founder of Craigslist, said that he thinks that the lack of a trust network on the web will be a big problem the Internet will have to face in the coming future.

Technology Whuffie Bank: Reputation is Wealth

The Whuffie Bank, is hoping to reward Internet users who have a positive impact by giving them bits of a new social currency every time they contribute to the greater good.