Research and development

Technology 4 Core Technologies Shaping The Future Of Manufacturing

PSFK’s Future of Manufacturing report identifies the four technologies leading digital supply chain transformation

Consumer Goods 10 Connected Manufacturing Strategies For Business Decision Makers

PSFK's Future of Manufacturing report outlines essential practices to help manufacturers kickstart the path toward efficient cloud-based production

Design Wearable Sends Chills Whenever The Wearer Hears An AI Voice

A prototype device worn on the ear called Anti AI AI notifies the wearer with a cold touch when it detects a synthetic voice

Retail Collaborative, Efficient, Tech-Driven R&D Results In Products That Meet Immediate Demand

The Future of Manufacturing report, a collaboration between PSFK Labs and Microsoft, outlines emerging practices in R&D that take new products to market more quickly than ever before

Gaming & Play 9 Ideas to Spark Innovation in the Energy Sector

Innovation is essential to improving access to renewable energy, but can it be accelerated? And how?

Advertising Britain To Use Rural Areas As Test Grounds For Future Robots

Airfields, farms and towns could become testing sites for newest robotic inventions in the UK.

Innovation Hyundai Unveils Flying Car Concept

The prototype, created by engineers at the company's R&D center in Korea, was demonstrated at an internal contest called the IDEA Festival.

Home BBC Creates Broadcast Content Tailored To Individuals' Social Data

The company releases a perceptive media prototype called Breaking Out, an online audio play that uses different content based on the listener's interests, location, etc.

Innovation PowerBar, Apple, Nike And Starbucks Ditch R&D For Test And Trial [Headlines]

Several large companies are abandoning focus groups to adapt different approach.

Home NY Times' Data-Bearing 'Magic Mirror' For Your Bathroom

The research & development group at the NY Times company demonstrates a bathroom mirror loaded with tech.

Advertising Can A Festival Become A Living Lab For Innovation?

FutureEverything Festival provides an example of how inspirational congregations can become hubs for ongoing innovation once the right infrastructure is enabled.