Research In Motion

Retail Wallets Might Be A Thing Of The Past With NFC Technology

Mobile phones to become e-wallets and store banking and personal details.

BlackBerry Maker At Bottom Of Green Electronics Rankings‎ [Headlines]

Greenpeace says Research in Motion lacks a clean electricity plan and targets to increase the use of renewable energy.

Three Day System-Wide Failure For Blackberry Users Results In Lawsuit [Headlines]

Consumers across five continents are suing Research in Motion after several days without email, text messaging, and internet browsing.

Luxury RIM Could Be Sitting On An Inventory Of 80,000 Playbooks [Headlines]

Blackberry makers RIM may have a surplus of their Playbook tablet, according to Asian investment firm Fubon Securities.

RIM Launches Three New Blackberry Devices With BB70S [Headlines]

Research in Motion releases three new BlackBerry models to take back lost market share from its competitors Android and Apple.

Technology Google's NFC Payment Method Gathers Momentum

The hassle-free 'wave and pay' method of Near Field Communication edges closer to commercial penetration.

Design IEC Approves Global Standard For A Universal Cell Phone Charger

With a new global standard approved by IEC , we will no longer have to buy a different charger for different smartphones.

Advertising Dynamic Billboards That React To Traffic Conditions

Research In Motion recently filed two patent applications for special digital roadside ads.