Technology Pioneer Of Humanability: Sixto Cancel

In an interview with PSFK, working in collaboration with Verizon, Sixto Cancel discusses how he is using technology for good with his work for Think of Us

Design Automatically Transform Your LinkedIn Profile Into A Professional CV

The Ceev plugin uses the information from a LinkedIn profile to format a sleek resume with customizable colors and fonts

Advertising AI Helps People Write Better Resumes

This new startup company uses an AI program to help job seekers improve their resume and land a new job

Work Microsoft And LinkedIn Want To Help People Write Better Resumes

The partnership uses a digital assistant to streamline the resume writing process and offer tips

Advertising Facebook Is Reportedly Exploring New Ways To Help Jobseekers

A Facebook update that is said to be in development could add the ability to fill out a detailed resume

Design A Designer Turned His CV Into A LEGO Version Of Himself

Andy Morris submitted his CV to employers in the form of a LEGO model of himself

Retail AI Matches Applicants With The Right Jobs Based On Their Face

The HireVue app uses a mixture of video interviewing and artificial intelligence to make recruiting more efficient and match the right candidates with the right jobs.

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services This Financial Startup Is Looking To Offer The World's First Open Source Bank Accounts

OfferZen and Standard Bank have collaborated to create a site that gives developers control over the way they can use their bank account

Interview How Artificial Intelligence Is Helping Enrich The Job Finding Experience

Opportunity is a platform designed to make the interview process less time consuming for employees and employers

Work Designer's Resume Uses A Color Swatch Fan To Grab Attention

New Zealand based designer Hayley Aroha came up with a novel form of promotion by printing her resume on an common artist's tool

Work Job Posting: Research/Strategy Intern (Paid)

PSFK is looking for resourceful and skilled talent to join our NYC team

Millennials This Chatbot Can Make Sure Your Resume Ends Up In The Right Hands

Automating human resource management is becoming a key focus for the AI chat movement

Design Resumé That Looks Like a Milk Carton

A graphic designer presents his CV in a somewhat unique, rather colorful format

Home Graphic Designer Turns Resume Into A Four Pack Of Beer

Canadian design student successfully used ale to present his new resume, the 'Resum-Ale.'