Home Outer furniture lets customers turn their backyards into showrooms

The outdoor furniture brand Outer invites its customers to serve as hosts, turning their backyards into showrooms where potential buyers can see the products in a real-world setting.

Brand Activation & Immersion StockX On Democratizing Streetwear And How A Brand's Ability To Listen Will Determine Its Value

StockX editorial director Pete Forester discusses why streetwear is far from dead, and how the resale platform is part of the category's new generation

Advertising CVS’ Beauty Mark initiative promotes unedited marketing images on branded products to eliminate imagery

National Drugstore chain CVS Pharmacy launched Beauty Mark, a watermark that appears on CVS-branded imagery that has not been altered. With 70% of its imagery currently unaltered, the drugstore is committed to having all of its marketing materials across its stores, website and social media channels reflect this level of transparency by the end of 2020.

Children PSFK Retail Conference Preview: b8ta On Its Evolution As A RaaS Provider And An Optimistic View For Retail's Future

b8ta's co-founder and president Phillip Raub speaks with PSFK ahead of appearing at our retail conference to discuss the RaaS store and software provider's evolution over the years, touching on its Forum fashion & lifestyle experience, reinvention of Toys"R"Us, and role in a new decade of retail

Beauty Sephora champions inclusivity with company-wide employee training

In response to customer feedback, cosmetics retailer Sephora closed its stores, distribution centers and corporate offices to host an inclusion training workshop for its 16,000 US employees. The workshop coincided with the unveiling of its brand platform and tagline “We Belong To Something Beautiful,” meant to outline Sephora’s commitment to championing diversity and self-expression.

Features Panel Preview: Why Community Is Key To Streetwear's Consumer Engagement Prowess

Ahead of appearing on Anomaly's upcoming panel all about how streetwear culture and retail are redefining consumer engagement and brand activation, PSFK sat down with Brendan Dunne, deputy editor at Complex Networks, for his thoughts on why the category has been so successful at generating followings and sustaining engagement—and what other retailers can learn from 'the drop'

Shopper Marketing & Promotion Gucci's universal fragrance promoted non-binary beauty and inclusion with a gender-fluid campaign

For the launch of its universal fragrance, Mémoire d’une Odeur, Italian fashion house Gucci cast 23-year-old gender-fluid designer Harris Reed to lead the campaign. Claiming to be “not assigned to a gender or a time,” the scent and accompanying campaign stress the importance of acceptance and inclusivity beyond gender.

Store Experience & Design Peer-to-peer beauty marketplace MyBeautyBrand lets members build virtual stores and transact directly with friends

MyBeautyBrand is a peer-to-peer online beauty marketplace that allows users to open personalized virtual stores and sell directly to their friends. After signing up, users create a store by adding products from any of the brands on the platform and posting their own makeup looks. When a product is sold, users will earn a commission up to 20%, while the brand handles fulfillment. Users who generate enough sales are also eligible to become shareholders in MyBeautyBrand.

Automotive Consumer Expectations For Retail Experiences In 2020 And Beyond

In partnership with Suzy, PSFK research reveals that tomorrow's consumers will expect increasingly personalized and localized offers and experiences that go beyond mere transactions

Design PSFK Retail Conference Preview: Tomorrow's Store Will Sell Feelings, Not Things

Prior to PSFK's Future Of Retail Conference 2020, YourStudio's co-founder and creative director Howard Sullivan explains why the next gen of retail stores will fulfill consumers with service and spirit instead of stuff

Retail This Inclusive Beauty Brand Is Disrupting The Way Consumers Apply Makeup

Grace Beauty is making doing one's makeup accessible to more, creating tools designed for those with conditions that can make gripping cosmetic tools difficult

Fashion & Apparel Target's adaptive-wear Halloween costumes help disabled children participate in the fun

Big-box retailer Target launches Halloween adaptive wear costumes, so children with mobility and sensory issues can easily access costumes to celebrate the holiday. The retailer adapts the costumes to complement wheelchairs such as a Cinderella carriage and pirate ship that fit over wheels. For autistic children, the brand focuses on designing costumes that remove tags and other stimulants that may overwhelm them. Also, a hidden abdominal opening leaves room for media equipment access as needed. 

Customer Experience Journey Shufersal's supermarket app connects visually impaired shoppers with real-time aid

Israeli supermarket Shufersal simplifies the grocery shopping experience for the visually impaired and blind customers through a smartphone app called RightHear. The app guides shoppers through the entrance, aisles and checkout with real-time voice descriptions of their surroundings. Through bluetooth beacon technology stationed around the grocer, it directs customers to the exact spot a product is positioned on the shelf.

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Morrisons' Quiet Hour makes in-store shopping less overwhelming for consumers with autism

U.K. supermarket chain Morrisons collaborated with the National Austitic Society to accommodate consumers with autism, who are more likely to have sensory issues that can make the in-store environment seem overwhelming. During in-store Quieter Hours, which are 9 to 10 a.m. on Saturday mornings, Morrisons stores lower the lights and limit loud noises like music, check-out beeps and speaker announcements.