Baby Boomers Interview: Why A Finance Management Platform Prioritizes Flexibility For Today's Active Retirees

Kindur VP of design & experience speaks to PSFK about how the digital platform works to increase transparency and accessibility when it comes to managing modern finances, designing user experiences in accordance with the behavior of today’s retirees to better meet their needs

Banks, Insurance & Financial Services Money Managers Create A Data-Driven Retirement Calculator

United Income created a retirement calculator that factors in a person's health and their spending habits to help them plan for the future

Design Retirement Community Made Specifically For LGBT People

The Manchester City Council announced a housing scheme aimed at over-65 LGBT population

Technology Retirement Firm Show Customers How They’ll Age

Created to promote smart saving, Merill Edge created a site with future face visualizations.

Advertising Seeing Images Of Their Older Self Encourages People To Save

Researchers find that a computer program showing people an image of their future self motivates them to save more for retirement.

Advertising Crowdsourced Retirement Photos Will Create A Billboard Of Life Experience

Prudential insurance demonstrates the possibilities in life after retirement in a new campaign that will begin with one teaser snapshot will grow into a full-size collage of consumer pictures.

Technology Prudential Collects And Shares Photos Of People's First Day Of Retirement

The financial services company tries to capture the moment of transition for real retirees.

Innovation Does Living Longer Mean Working Longer?

Rising lifespans may cause unexpected bureaucratic consequences like an increase in the age of retirement.

Britain Must Turn To 'Grey Workforce' To Combat Pension Costs

Britain must adopt a "grey workforce" to help combat higher pension costs, according to a new report. Daily Telegraph