Stop-Motion Short Follows The Lifecycle Of A Water Droplet [Video]

Featuring a custom pop-up book, an animated video shows the journey water makes from sink to rain cloud.

Madonna Launches BitTorrent Short Film To Fight For Online Freedom Of Expression [Video]

Secret Project will fight for artistic license and free reign on the web.

Top 100 Global Thinkers [Headlines]

Foreign Policy presents a unique portrait of 2011's global marketplace of ideas and the thinkers who make them.

Advertising What Is The 'Tipping Point' When A Minority Wins Over A Majority?

A recent study suggests that the tipping point is surprisingly only 10% of people within various networks. Minorities do rule.

Did The BART Protests In SF Mirror Arab Spring Uprisings? [Headlines]

Protests who came together against a transit police officer killing a homeless man in San Francisco used mobile technology and social networks, which are reminiscent of the Arab Spring uprisings.

Advertising Monocolumn: Forget Your Mobile Phone In Libya

In the daily column from Monocle magazine we learn that as a result of the large part that social networks and cell phones played in Egypt's revolution, Libya shut down the internet and mobile networks early on, and the advantage that provided them.

Is The Internet America's Greatest Weapon? [Headlines]

The President of Belarus pushes a statewide ban on Facebook in an effort to prevent protesters to organize their political protests via the social media outlet.

Technology Crowdsourced Documentary of Egyptian Revolt Uses Twitter To Get Footage

Filmmaker Amr Salama turns to Twitter to gather over 300 GB of material for a documentary that showcases the Egyptian Revolution.

Technology Al-Jazeera Digital Dashboard Tracks 'Arab Spring' Tweets

A new dashboard provides a visualization of the revolutionary influence of social media in the Middle East and updates in real-time.

Egyptian Street Art Depicts Revolutionary Thread [Pics]

Revolutionary art has sprung up on the streets of Cairo in response to recent popular uprisings.

Innovation Community Wind Power In The UK [Video]

The largest consumers cooperative in the world is now exploring ways to address climate change, starting at the village level.

Innovation Tweeting The Revolution

A new book uses the tweets of various participants to paint a picture of the recent revolution in Egypt.