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January 16, 2019 | New York City
Consumers increasingly value high-quality customer service and the ability to co-create their brand experiences with the companies themselves, which has led to brands implementing more immersive technologies to create more customized loyalty program experiences
August 15, 2018

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Margot oversees Client Services at shopkick, where she helps retailers and marketers drive revenue growth and shopper engagement. Before her current role, Margot previously oversaw shopkick’s Retail Partnerships practice, where she managed and launched some of shopkick’s largest partnerships, including Target, Macy’s and American Eagle. Prior to shopkick, Margot learned that a big company doesn't mean little risk, when she worked at Lehman Brothers creating strategic, cross-divisional relationships for its largest clients. Margot graduated with her MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 2010.


Adam is an entrepreneur. He is the chairman and CEO of Assembled Brands, a collection of fashion brands, and co-founder and chairman of General Assembly, a private school for professional development.

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Michael Boeke of Braintree talks about mobile design on a more intimate level.

June 10, 2014

At Mango Health, Jason Oberfest has been using the principles of social game design to develop consumer health products that inspire good health in new ways

March 30, 2014
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