Richard Florida

Advertising Interactive Hotel Concierge Crowdsources City Recommendations

Marriot Renaissance hotels 'Navigator' service asks social networks to name the best local spots.

Design What Is The Relationship Between Creativity, Happiness And Equality?

A resourceful analysis indicates that a nation's global creativity index can not only lead to higher economic development, happiness and competitiveness levels - but also to the socio-economic equality of its citizens.

Retail Le Meridien Hotels Re-Define The Lobby Experience With The Help Of Richard Florida

The Hub series will first rollout at Le Meridien Barcelona to include three experiential zones: Arrival, Interaction and Latitude.

Innovation Why Some Cities Make You Happier

Richard Florida interprets the Well-Being Index and infers that happiness could be based on where you live.

Who Are The World's Biggest Drinkers?

Richard Florida and his team at the Creative Class recently mined the World Health Organization's Global Status Report on Health and Drinking to extract meaningful conversation points from a large data-set ripe for assumptions.

Technology What Did the 'Creative Economic Revolution' Unleash in 2010?

A look at what startups produced in 2010 provides us some context and perspective at how the creative economic revolution is faring.

Video (Video) Richard Florida On Economic Transformation Through Creativity

The expert who coined the term 'creative class' asks if demography is destiny.

Work A Treasure Map For Jobs In The US

Richard Florida explores employment projections across the country.

Innovation (Map) Where The Money Is

Richard Florida and Charlotta Mellander recently created an interesting graphic of pay levels across all U.S. metro regions.