Design Artists Creates Liquor Bottle Packaging That Doubles As Molotov Cocktail Kit [Pics]

As a creative comment in response to the riots taking place in Turkey today, a popular local spirit is transformed into an explosive device.

Gaming & Play 12 Stories You Need To Know Today

Predicted late 2014 launch for the iWatch, 20 second phone charging and Shazam app has new ad-friendly feature.

Technology Researchers Predict Future Epidemics Using Old Newspapers

Scientists have created software that analyzes past events in order to predict future health threats and events.

70% Support Shut Down Of Social Networks During Social Unrest [Headlines]

In England, the majority of adults would support a government shut down of sites like Twitter and Facebook during riots like the ones this summer.

Technology Wall Street Protest Spurs Online Conversation [Headlines]

What began as a protest in a New York City park against economic inequities has become a conversation that is spreading across the country on social media.

Work Agents Used To Track Terrorists Join The Hunt For London Rioters [Headlines]

One of the biggest hurdles of identifying the London rioters is the high level encryption messaging of BlackBerry that they used to mobilize themselves. The government has enlisted security services used to catch terrorists to help track down the looters.

Work Mobile Phone Operators Work With Police To Identify Rioters [Headlines]

T-Mobile and Orange mobile phone operators are sharing user information with police under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act.

London Riots Powered By BlackBerry? [Headlines]

BlackBerry's messaging network has been singled out for helping looters and vandalisers mobilize and plot out their next targets.

Home Report From Riot Torn London

Piers Fawkes provides a personal report on the chaos in British society.

Retail Photos From London's Protest Riots

An estimated 400,000 people marched on London to protest about government cuts peacefully - but a small number turned their anger against stores and commercial business.