road safety

Design Bike Helmet Recognizes Hand Gestures To Send Safety Signals

An update to the Lumos helmet pairs it with Apple Watch to make light-up turn signals even easier for bikers to activate

Advertising An Extra Safe Bike Promotes Toyota's New Safety Features

Toyota dealers incorporated new safety technology, like distance detectors and a color alert system, into a bicycle to advertise the Camry's features

Automotive Mercedes-Benz Headlights Can Project Infographics On The Road

The auto maker's DIGITAL LIGHT headlights aim to improve safety and communication with other drivers and pedestrians

Technology Samsung Ad Lets Tired Drivers Know They Can't Beat Sleep

A campaign for Samsung's safety app begins with a montage of "can do" advertising, but changes its tone to warn against the dangers of driving while tired

Advertising Audi Developed A Web Code To Prevent Distracted Driving

The script can disable websites when it detects that their visitors are behind the wheel

Health Canadian Campaign Combats Driving-While-High With Designer Marijuana Strains

'Consequence Strains' highlights the risks of driving high that are often masked by playful marketing

Automotive Artificial Intelligence Can Warn Drivers Who Text And Drive

Can't keep your eyes on the road? This AI from the University of Waterloo will remind you to stay focused

Syndicated London Is Using Optical Illusions In An Attempt To Slow Down Drivers

London hopes optical illusions painted on busy roads will trick motorists into reducing their speed

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel Audi Campaign Illustrates Just How Much Phones Contribute To Distracted Driving

The ads aim to demonstrate how using your phone while on the road can warp a driver's perception of the world in front of them

Technology GPS Service 'Hacks' Traffic Lights For Slower Pedestrians

An app called Crosswalk communicates with traffic lights to give pedestrians more time

Design This DIY Sound Machine Emits A Sound To Keep Cyclists Safe

Ecobici is made to create a pleasant soundscape on the road and alert everyone that a cyclist is nearby

Syndicated Dutch Service Allows Elderly To 'Hack' Traffic Lights

With sensors and smartphones to make roads more flexible, Tilburg is addressing the question: how can a city become safer for less able residents?

Design Dutch City Uses Sidewalk LEDs To Improve Pedestrian Safety

With people always on their phones, this Dutch city thought of a way to help them cross the road safely and surely whether at day or night

Automotive Israeli Motorists Can Now Report Bad Drivers Directly To The Police

The new Guardians of the Road program uses technology to help curb the country's increasing amount of fatal car accidents