Food & Beverage Robots Taste-Test Food During Production To Maintain Consistency

The Chinese government is employing artificial intelligence to evaluate food during the production process to evaluate authenticity and consistency with standards

Delivery & Logistics Start-Up Provides Robotic Fulfillment To Small Grocery Stores

Takeoff offers a complete solution to retailers that couldn't otherwise promise same-day delivery or pick-up options to their customers, helping local or smaller businesses compete with the likes of Amazon Prime and Wholefoods

Design How AI Is Creating A Design Revolution

A video series from Archinect explores how AI will aid human creators across the critical stages of a design project

Shopper Marketing & Promotion The Smithsonian Museum Trials Social Robots As Tour Guides

The museum is utilizing Pepper robots to enhance exhibit tours and guide more visitors to less frequently attended spaces

Cafe & Restaurant First Robot Delivery Drivers Start Work In Silicon Valley

Six-wheeled robots will deliver food and coffee across a Silicon Valley office park in the first commercial use of the technology—and whole cities could be next

Retail A Burger-Flipping Robot Is Now Operating The Grill At CaliBurger

The robot, named Flippy, can make up to 300 burgers an hour and is currently being tested at the chain's Pasadena location

Seamless Retail

In this show, Piers Fawkes of PSFK explores how two innovators are still exploring the use of tech to deliver seamless retail and remove friction along the physical purchase path.

Home Household Robots Are Becoming Much More Than Just Expensive Toys

Advances in AI and robotics are leading to consumer models becoming increasingly useful in our day-to-day lives

Grocery, Convenience & Supermarket Robotic Assistant Hands Workers Tools Exactly When They Need Them

Online grocery service Ocado is currently testing the bot at its fulfillment warehouses

Hotels, Hospitality & Travel LG Is Creating Robots To Make Shopping And Travel More Convenient

These robots were designed to make specific aspects of the hotel, airport and supermarket experiences easier for customers

Technology Urban Delivery Robots Make An Appearance At CES 2018

E-Novia's YAPE is the latest in a growing crop of self-driving delivery robots

Advertising Bravo TV Network Uses Robots To Deliver Top Chef Meals

Bravo partnered with Postmates to have robots deliver meals from the popular cooking show's alumni

Health Hospitals Could Soon Be Using Robots To Improve Patient Care

This robotic nurse drives itself around the hospital delivering drugs and food to patients

Automotive Toyota's Newest Robot Perfectly Mimics Human Movements

T-HR3 can strike an infinite number of poses, with the aid of a person