Rory Carroll

Syndicated A Look Back On The Life Of A Man Who Changed Modern Television

James Gandolfini, the actor best known for his role as Tony Soprano has died of a suspected heart attack in Italy.

Design Is Microsoft's New Console A Game-Changer?

First major revamp of Xbox since 2005 integrates TV, internet and gaming into one.

Innovation Facebook And Google Founders Create Science Prize

Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin and Yuri Milner have formed a foundation to recognize achievement and prowess in biology with eleven separate $3 million prizes.

Advertising Matt Damon Goes On Bathroom Strike To Raise Clean Water Awareness

Actor's fake stunt attempts to get people to care about World Water Day.

Home Debuts $475 Hybrid iPhone Camera Case

Critics have charged that it's ugly, expensive and useless, but the musician says he's got a vision and he's sticking to it.

Technology Can Data Overload Can Be Solved By More Technology?

Have we gotten to the point where we must harness technological power for better organization of information?

Retail CES 2013: The Death Of 3D?

Last year's big technological development flopped in stores, and TV makers got the message, but will this year be any different?

Work Paper Thin Tablet Unveiled At CES

The minds behind PaperTab claim that the ultra-slim, flexible invention will change the face of personal computing forever.

Features The Mini Parks That Are Transforming The Los Angeles Landscape

A simple but radical idea is set to reclaim some street space for L.A. pedestrians.

Advertising Tourists Take To Los Angeles' Lost River

LA's concrete storm drains conceal a living, breathing waterway that has rarely been explored – until now.