Royal College of Art London

Design AI Mask Amplifies Human Emotions In Real Time

Hyperface is a wearable device that uses artificial intelligence to display the wearer's emotions in augmented reality

Fitness & Sport Bike-Powered Elevator Takes Commuting To The Next Level

The Vycle operates similarly to an ordinary bicycle, but allows the rider to go up flights of a building instead of taking an elevator

Technology Pads Let Musicians Feel Music Through Their Skin As They Compose

Touché uses a composition interface to record patterns of vibrations and temperature pulses

Food & Beverage Flexible Plates And Bowls Wiggle With Your Food

The pieces are molded from flexible silicone to encourage chefs and diners to play with their food

Fashion & Apparel Is This Tentacled Wearable The Future Of Dating?

An eye-catching wearable clues you in to your surroundings and lets you know when someone is checking you out

Innovation Speaker Fills Void Between Slacktivism and Activism

PSSST is a speaker taped to public places designed to spark change in the status quo

Gaming & Play Elevator Game Makes Avoiding People A Challenge [Video]

A new game with embodied technology jolts us out of our familiar habits.

Home Student Redesigns Topshop Interiors [Pics]

Rob Vindall's winning idea revamps megastore's Boutique area adding a curving, sloping ceiling.

Design Sustainable Fishing Net Releases Small And Young Fish

The SafetyNet, which has won the UK James Dyson award, features illuminated escape holes scattered throughout.

Luxury Robots Fold Metal Like Origami To Build This Custom Bentley

The ‘Tailor Made’ vehicle is a concept design created by robots taking pieces of aluminum and folding them into the desired shape.

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