royal wedding

Design Flickr Members Recreate The Year's News Stories With Lego [Pics]

The royal wedding, UK riots and Occupy Wall Street movement are built using the toy bricks.

Work Kids Revamp The Washington Post [Pics]

The children of Washington Post employees decided they could draw a better front page headlines than their parents.

Innovation Monocolumn: Royal Wedding – The Rebublican Conundrum

The marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton may have gripped many in the United Kingdom, but for the 20 per cent of the population that would rather the UK became the Republic of Britain (or RoB), it has been slightly awkward.

Monocolumn: Royal Wedding – Let The Class Wars Begin

In Britain, significant royal events – births, deaths, marriages, jubilees – feel like an extra Christmas. They represent the imposition of a bonus period during which gaudy decorations are hung and rubbish souvenirs purchased.

Advertising Monocolumn: Royal Wedding – Tankards, Mugs & Commemorative Condoms

“The strength of a prince with the yielding sensitivity of a princess-to-be.” This could be a particularly florid description of Kate and William as they faced the cameras to announce their engagement. But no, it’s actually the tagline for a royal wedding-themed condom.

Innovation Monocolumn: Royal Wedding – The View From Japan

If the Japanese aren’t quite getting into the swing of the royal wedding you can hardly blame them. The public here were as charmed as anyone by Princess Diana and for many subjects of the world’s oldest hereditary monarchy there is a natural warmth towards the – less ancient – British family.

Home 'Absolut Dalston' Featured At Land Of Kings Festival

Intended as a celebration of London neighborhood’s rich and diverse cultural tapestry, Land of Kings encompasses music, theater, art and food, spread over multiple venues.

Advertising Grant McCracken: On Social Climbing And The Royal Wedding

The English are very good at two things. Theatre and History. And they are particularly good at using the first to reinvent the second.

Retail Unofficial Royal Wedding Memorabilia [Pics]

Later this month, London-based creative agency KK Outlet will start selling chinaware inspired by Internet culture.