Retail Flipboard Is Creating Custom Magazines Around Individual Passions

The stories are automatically filled with content about a person's specific interests

Entertainment Browse The Internet Completely Hands-Free

With TTS, Speech Central will scan articles and read them through a phone's browser

Farewell Google Reader - We'll Miss You [Headlines]

Much-loved RSS reader Google Reader is rumored to be taken down soon.

Design Augmenting Spirituality With Internet Communication

The Catholic Church's recent endorsement of app mediated confession caused something of a stir, but it is not the first instance of religion and computers co-existing harmoniously.

Technology Web Pioneer Working On New Blogging Technology

Dave Winer is developing a new simple tool for blogging that allows for easy data portability.

Advertising Paywalled Times Of London Has Killed Its RSS

The removal of one of the best ways to browse for news off-site illustrates a strategy that is all about the publisher and little about the reader.

Technology A New Perspective On Information Overload: Information as Matter

Information and user-experience theorist Thomas Peterson has proposed some fascinating ideas on how to deal with the overwhelming amount of data in the world and our limited capacity to consume it.