Rubik's Cube

Design Google's Digital Rubik's Cubes Lab Lets People Reinvent The Classic Game

The tech company built a series of Chrome experiments to commemorate the 40th birthday of the puzzle.

Technology 3D-Printed Box Turns An Entire Building Into A Giant Rubik's Cube [Video]

Artist Javier Lloret created an interactive facade controlled by a handheld version of the puzzle.

Advertising Super-Sized Rubik’s Cube Can Be 3D Printed By Anyone [Video]

Are we entering the next generation of gaming?

Design Create Music By Twisting This Rubik's Cube Controller

MusixCube is a concept device by Hauke Scholz that can be tilted and manipulated to produce various musical results.

Nostalgic Tribute To 80s Childhood Toys [Video]

The two-minute King of Legoland video shows a variety of retro childhood toys that were vastly popular in the 1980s.

Advertising YouTube Sensation To Crowdsource His Life

Teenager launches a new social experiment where he would give his life's remote control to others.

Retail Hijacking The Rubiks Cube

A French artist has added a subtle message of ecological conservation to the famed Rubik's Cube.

Advertising (Pic) A Rubik's Cube For The Blind

Konstantin Datz's Rubik's Cube for the blind transforms the traditional game into a monochromatic, touch-based puzzle.