Rubik's Cube

Design Desserts Molded Into Complex 3D Geometric Designs

Dinara Kasko used her experience in architecture and 3D printing to make her own unique baking molds that truly stand out

Design Rotating Home Contains Four Rooms In One Space

The shifting living quarters has four distinct spaces it can swap to, each with various hidden compartments

Innovation Google's Digital Rubik's Cubes Lab Lets People Reinvent The Classic Game

The tech company built a series of Chrome experiments to commemorate the 40th birthday of the puzzle.

Technology 3D-Printed Box Turns An Entire Building Into A Giant Rubik's Cube [Video]

Artist Javier Lloret created an interactive facade controlled by a handheld version of the puzzle.

Advertising Super-Sized Rubik’s Cube Can Be 3D Printed By Anyone [Video]

Are we entering the next generation of gaming?

Design Create Music By Twisting This Rubik's Cube Controller

MusixCube is a concept device by Hauke Scholz that can be tilted and manipulated to produce various musical results.

Video Nostalgic Tribute To 80s Childhood Toys [Video]

The two-minute King of Legoland video shows a variety of retro childhood toys that were vastly popular in the 1980s.

Advertising YouTube Sensation To Crowdsource His Life

Teenager launches a new social experiment where he would give his life's remote control to others.

Retail Hijacking The Rubiks Cube

A French artist has added a subtle message of ecological conservation to the famed Rubik's Cube.

Advertising (Pic) A Rubik's Cube For The Blind

Konstantin Datz's Rubik's Cube for the blind transforms the traditional game into a monochromatic, touch-based puzzle.