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Design Videographic Explains Everything You Still Needed To Know About The Titantic

Data-vizulaizers show what happened, what went wrong and the response to the disaster onboard and off.

Design Russell Davies Gives PSFK Some Advice On How To Make A Magazine

Head of Planning at R/GA London, and columnist at Wired shares his thoughts with us on how to successfully get back to analog in our digital age.

Technology Smell Your Tweets: Web Device Creates Scent-Based Notifications

Internet comes in, smell comes out. A new web-connected robot turns attention-demanding notifications into passive scents.

Advertising Russell Davies: Secondary Attention And The Little Boxes Of Sound

Head of Planning at Ogilvy says that sound is screenless design - and a great way to connect technology and people.

Work Russell Davies: Secondary Attention & The Coming Super Abundance Of Screens

The Head of Planning at Ogilvy argues that we need to stop designing media that by default tries to grab all the available attention and start experimenting by playing with modes like glancing rather than staring.

Advertising Interesting Cancelled, Boring Conference A Success

Blogger James Ward hosts first-annual Boring 2010 conference in London for those fascinated with tedium.

Technology The Future Isn't Dead

Warren Ellis responds to Russell Davies' criticism of modern science fiction.

Advertising The Advertising & Creative Process, Illustrated

A new book offers an insider's guide to the process of generating great ideas.

Advertising The Three Types Of Sharing

Russell Davies, explains different modes of sharing and how the Internet fits in.

Design Inside The Newspaper Club

The Newspaper Club is a service that utilizes printers' downtime to help people make their own newspapers.

Home Physical-Digital Interaction Evolves

Today the Unofficial Apple Weblog points us to the upcoming launch of the Air Hockey app by Acceleroto, and we see opportunity for applications like this to incorporate physical objects as an integral part of digital experiences.

Innovation S2H Replay - The Non Sync Health Tracker

Could cheap, plastic and tetherless beat glossy, technical and sync'd?

Technology Russell Davies: Products As Communications Channels In A Post Digital World

Russell Davies recently did a presentation for the Guardian, in which he provided some perspective on post-digital thinking.

Gaming & Play Russell Davies: We Like Jason Bourne Because He Commutes

Idea-planner Russell Davies has some interesting ideas within his presentation on his site about playfulness.